Set of designs Zhostovo



Author                Gurina Evgeniya (Jeka)

The set includes four designs. In addition to full version, each design comes split into parts for embroidering in 140x182 mm hoop.

Zhostovo_flw0034Zhostovo_flw0034 (233*260 mm)

Zhostovo_flw0035Zhostovo_flw0035 (226*256 mm)

Zhostovo_flw0036Zhostovo_flw0036 (231*178 mm)

Zhostovo_flw0037Zhostovo_flw0037 (213*142 mm)

In PES, HUS, DST, ART, XXX, JEF, JEF+, VIP. This convertor can be used to transform into other widely used formats.