Lace Doily "Visiting Fairy Tales" fsl0028



Author                     Shadow

The size of the cloth is 600x600 mm

Doily, shown in the photo, embroidered with threads Rheingold Col.5801 polyester40.

The design consists of five elements. Six additional designs are attached to the main design.

The size of hoop is 156*185 mm (6.13*7.26 inches)

Design embroidered on the water-soluble stabilizer. Each element is embroidered separately. Embroidery rinsed in water and dried. Then sew the elements on the scheme.

Element d1 - 92*151 mm (3.62*5.94 inches), 30027 stitches, embroider 4 pieces

Element d2 - 92*151 mm (3.62*5.94 inches), 29688 stitches, embroider 4 pieces

Element d3 - 43*107 mm (1.94*4.21 inches), 10127 stitches, embroider 4 pieces

Element d4 - 185*156 mm (7.26*6.13 inches), 54454 stitches, embroider 4 pieces

Element d5 - 166*44 mm (6.52*1.72 inches), 14985 stitches, embroider 12 pieces

Additional designs are shown in the picture. By basic embroidery cloth they do not belong. Each of them can be used as a standalone design. As well as embroidered items can be combined with each other in any combination.

In PES, HUS, DST, XXX, JEF, JEF+, VIP, VP3. This convertor can be used to transform into other widely used formats.