Koi Carps (4 designs)



Author                         Nataliya Ryazanova

The set includes four designs.

All designs are in the full version, and divided into parts.

The size of the hoop must be at least 138*170 mm 


White Koi Carp_fsh0002White Koi Carp_fsh0002 (113*240 mm),

Brown Koi Carp_fsh0003Brown Koi Carp_fsh0003 (113*240 mm),

Black Koi Carp_fsh0004Black Koi Carp_fsh0004 (113*240 mm)

        Hieroglyph Love (KOI)
Size, мм                       43*42
Colors                              1
Stitches                        1311

In PES, HUS, DST, ART, XXX, JEF, JEF+, VIP. This convertor can be used to transform into other widely used formats.

According to  Feng Shui,  carp is a sacred fish. It represents wealth and prosperity because the actual word in Chinese for fish also translates to “abundance”. As with most Chinese symbols, the carp has a legend attached to it. According to legend, the carp is noted for its strength and bravery because it swims against the current. Twin carps symbolyse a harmonic relathionship between a man and a woman, while nine carps represent proseprity and wealth.