Set «I dress like my mom!» (3 designs) int0011

Set of three designs of machine embroidery with ladybug and feather is suitable for both children and adults.

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Author    SvetaS

The set includes three designs:

Feather brd0042, size 173*169 mm and 140*200 mm

Ladybug and Feather int0009, size 175*193 mm

Ladybug int0010, size 90*97 mm

Embroidery, shown in the photo, made on chiffon. Filmoplast stabilizer was used for embroidery. Filmoplast is an adhesive paper, adhesive side is covered with a protective layer. Filmoplast inserted into the hoop, and then the protective layer is removed, chiffon is pasted. The water-soluble film Avalon is applied over the chiffon. One layer of stabilizer Madeira Tear-Away Cotton Soft is put under the bottom of the hoop. After embroidery chiffon wet, do not crumple, do not wring. Put on a towel to dry. Then to steam. When stripping filmoplast and tear-away stabilizer are softened. After these procedures, you can remove with tweezers filmoplast and tear-away stabilizer from under the embroidery.

This tunic can be worn on a t-shirt in the summer and in the winter on a turtleneck. Nice and comfortable.

The set provides a space for imagination to use. For example, you can place ladybugs randomly around the dress, feathers can be embroidered in different colors.